Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Woden Folk-Religion

Welcome to the Woden Folk-Religion which is the Folkish Wodenist Religion for the English Folk. Wodenism is a religion recognised in English Law through the ‘Holden vs. The Post Office’ tribunal case where the summing up recognised the worship of Odin and Woden as being legitimate religions here in England. When we speak of a ‘religion’ this is meant in the true sense of the word as being something that ‘binds’ – that which binds our people together. Ours is more a ‘Way of Life’ since it is something we do on an everyday basis, and not once in a while or just on a Sunday.

We are certainly part of the Odinist, Wotanist, and Wodenist movement that has seen a revival over the last decades, but we are unique in the way we work because we are not ‘antiquarians’ living in the past, and have created a Folk-Religion based upon the Ur-Religion of our Teutonic Folk but changed to suit the era that we are living in today. No-one can live in the past, and movements that try to do so have miserably failed in such revivals.

We have our own rites based upon the Wheel of the Year Rites which are made up of eight rituals that are performed on the Sunsteads and Evennights (+) to which are added the Wali Rite (February), England Day Rite (April), Black Sun Rite (August), and the Ancestral Rite (November). These are the rites used by the Woden Folk-Community and are used by anyone who wishes to take part in the Woden Folk-Religion. We have other rites as well but these are used only within the WF-C.

Our Folkish Religion, as stated, is based upon the Ur-Religion of our Folk adapted to the Age of Aquarius which we are entering at this time of the Cosmic Cycle. On August 11th 1999 the Solar Eclipse heralded the conception of the New Age – the ‘Age of Ing’. Whereas the Age of Pisces was symbolised by a ‘fish’, the Age of Aquarius’ is symbolised by a ‘man’; with the New Age comes a new Archetype or ‘god-form’ and thus we see as the Crowned and Avenging Son who we call Wid-Ar (Vidar). The image of a man hanging in dejection, submission and humiliation upon a dead piece of wood (‘The Cross’) has now been replaced by that of a Warrior-Hero riding a White Horse, carrying a Flaming-Sword and a Shield bearing the White Dragon. This is the ‘Divine Hero’ of the coming age – the ‘Man-to-Come’. Here we move away from the Northern Heathens who do not recognise the need for a new image suited to a new Archetype. It should be clear that this is something that is needed when we consider the Age of Taurus and its ‘Bull Cults’ and the Age of Aries with its ‘Ram Cults’.