Hammer of the Gods

The gods of the English Folk are primarily Warrior-Gods, each being associated with some form of weapon used against the enemies of Gods and Man. Woden has his spear, Gungnir, Thunor his hammer, Miollnir, Tiw his sword, Frey his sword, etc. etc. These are the virile male warrior-gods of our Folk, complemented by the goddesses whose chief is Frigga/Freya who is the Goddess of Battle who shares the dead heroes with Woden. Wodenism is no religion of pacifism and weakness, no adherence to the concept of turning the other cheek. Our gods are the fierce Gods of the North - gods of the Saxons, the Vikings and the other Germanic Tribes that have lived in Northern Europe through the ice and cold of its stark winters.

Death has little meaning for the Heathen Folk, for a glorious death in the struggle for our freedom will earn a place in Valhalla where Woden and the Gods dwell and await their Fallen Heroes. There is too much emphasis upon death today - the collective mourning is a sign of this degeneration from the traditional view of life and death. Death is the gateway to new life - and to a triumphant transcendence for those brave and willing enough to devote their lives to the Path of Initiation. Rebirth is all part of the cycle for the many, and this is into the tribe/clan to which one is blood-bound.

The epic saga - Lord of the Rings - is about the Northern Folk or Folk of the West, for here we see the height of honour, truth, loyalty and self-sacrifice that is the essence of our gods and once of our Folk. Woden sacrificed himself to himself in order to gain the Wisdom of the Runes for his Folk, Tiw his right hand to hold back the Forces of Chaos and destruction that would one day break loose once more to end this world-age. How many today base their lives upon self-sacrifice for Gods & Folk when all around them is the self-interest and egoism of the herd that threatens to devour all in its gaping jaws? Like our gods we have to live a life of self-sacrifice for our Folk, whence will arise a new Age of Heroes in which the world will be changed and a new Golden Age come into being. We - the Wera : The Solar Warrior - must lead the way towards a new and bright rebirth of the Folk-Nation of England, and a New Order upon the Earth.