Our Faith

Wodenism is the ancient religion of the English Folk and derives from the Ur-Religion of the North. This is a Solar Religion and a Fire-Religion based upon the concept of the Sun as the Creative Force and the Immovable Centre. In relation to the most ancient Ur-Religion of the North this is also a Polar Religion with the concept of the Pole Star as the Immovable Centre of the Cosmos, just as the Sun is the Immovable Centre of our Solar System. Woden is the All-Father of the Folk who sits at the Immovable Centre and is the Immovable Force that gives movement to everything. He is thus the force of Creation-Preservation-Destruction, though these roles may be seen as separate gods, or all as part of the All-Father.

Wodenism has a pantheon of gods & goddesses who should be seen as great numenous powers as well as archetypes or Primal Types. These powers gave us the names of our week, such as Wednesday (Woden's Day) & Thursday (Thunor's Day) etc. as well as many of the names of our towns & villages (Wednesbury = Woden's Burgh, Wednesfield = Woden's Field etc.).These gods were our true and ancient gods before the Judaeo-Christian Church set out to completely destroy our Ancient Faith and to suppress our gods entirely. They did not succeed, as may be seen in the revival of Wodenism today.

If the English Folk are to survive in this land then we need an English Religion to bind us together as a Folk. This religion can only be Wodenism which is the true religion of our forebears. A virile religion can override political divides and can unite a people for a common purpose - in this case our survival. What higher purpose could we have than the survival of our Folk and the revival of the Folk-Nation of England? It is our pupose to regain control of the fate of the English Folk in order that we may survive as a people, and to take a higher evolutionary step within the Folk-Group that we belong to.

Wodenism is a Heathen Religion and we do not use the term lightly; we reject the term "pagan" which is used today for many of  the Lunar Religions of the Masses, i.e. which is part of the Old Order and of the Dark Age or Kali Yuga (named after the Dark Goddess, Kali). We are opposed to the material economic society which gives rise to our consumer society based upon mass-production (production for the masses) and the fusion of Capitalism & Socialism (both based upon economic materialism). Capitalism provides the finances whilst Socialism provides the consumer masses - two sides of the same coin. We reject these ideals in favour of a Spiritual Order that embraces our Folk as a whole; our struggle is against the Forces of Darkness and Matter that rule the world today.

There is little chance of a mass-religion being created at this time, and we realise the need to be practical. It is thus our aim - at this time - to gather like-minded folk together in order to create a Folkish Brotherhood that will be prepared for the hardships that are coming soon. The whole world is unstable and our land today is nothing more than a wasteland, its people forgotten and thrown aside in favour of those who have no roots in this land. The society we see today is in an advanced state of decay and is near to its final death-rattle. Like ancient Rome it will fall very soon, and with the world as it is the whole edifice of the Global Order will collapse into ruins. Then shall a new barbarianism arise to sweep away the old and to build a new foundation upon the rubble of the falling world.