Wid-Ar the Avenging Son of the Sun

Folkish Wodenism is based upon a love of one’s Folk and we are a race-conscious movement that recognises the importance of abiding by the Eternal Laws of Nature. 

We believe in a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses such as Woden, Thunor, Frea, Tiw, Freya, Idunn and Eastra. But we also believe in a ‘High-God’ that is a Divine Force that permeates everything, and we call this the All-Father or Ur-Alda – the ‘Primal Ancient One’. This is the Iluvater that features in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. We believe also in the ‘Shining Ones’, the Elves, who are High-Spirits, and the Land-Spirits and Spirits of Nature such as the Woodland Spirits. We believe that all these are part of one Universal Life-Force that pervades everything. Our belief is ‘God in Nature – God in the Blood’. We do not believe in one universal being, aloof and transcendent, who we have to bow and scrape to, and who forcibly converts in order to control everything. 

We oppose the Economic Consumer Society which is based upon gross materialism, profit and gain, and has produced a nation of egotistical people who have no thought for anyone else but themselves. The society that we live in is based upon a money-supply that works through Global Capitalism, and a slave-worker supply which is produced through Global Socialism. Both of these destructive ideologies are based upon economic materialism and have no spiritual basis at all. This would not be a problem but for the fact that we are all controlled by these economic materialists. This shuts off the ‘Divine Light’ because the whole world is today based upon purely physical and material values.

This has led to a loss of our identity, our culture and our tradition; a loss of identity amongst the young people has led to a terrible increase in ‘mental illnesses’ such as depression etc. and the use of drugs by so many children and youths. These young people are becoming race-less, root-less and without any form of identity, lost in a Global nightmare. This applies especially to young white males who have to take the brunt of this onslaught. 

No political solution will stem the rot; politics can work only at a physical level, and the problem is a spiritual one. This is why we do not engage in politics because we believe only a Spiritual Revolution will heal our Folk and our Land. Our aim is to re-create the Ur-Religion of our Folk, based upon the knowledge that our people are part of the continuum that stems from the Land of Hyperborea-Thule, then the Land of At-al-land (which sank under the North Sea), the Aryan Race of At-al-land which spread across the globe, to the time of the Teutonic Folk of Europe of which we are a part. We believe in Folk and the Folk-Nation. 

We believe that the ignorance and stupidity of the ruling powers at every level of our society are leading us to disaster – a disaster that is becoming harder and harder to avoid. It is thus our aim to create a new form of Folkish Tribalism based upon a decentralised movement where local groups are set up and grow organically throughout England and the Isles of the Blessed. A vast ‘world government’ will collapse upon itself simply because it cannot and will not work. It will, as all ‘empires’, collapse because it cannot sustain itself, being too large and too bureaucratic. Uniting these ‘tribes’ will be the Woden Folk-Religion which will ‘bind’ together the groups and individuals in a spiritual and physical unity. 

Folkish Wodenism is an Organic Religion that grows from ancient roots, but has been changed to suit the new world-age that we have entered. Only a religion can unite our Nation and our Folk. Ours is an English Heathen Movement but it is our aim to reach out to the Teutonic Folk of the Isles of the Blessed because Wales, Scotland and Ireland have many people of Teutonic Roots too.  

We honour our Gods and our Ancestors, and Ancestral-Worship is a great part of our religion. We believe in a continuum of past-present-future and honour those who have gone before, and we believe that we have a duty to leave to those to come a legacy of a better land and a better life. The family unit is the basic unit of any group or society – Man, Woman and Children. This secures the existence of our Folk into the future, and a future for our children, and their children, carrying on into the distant future. The Family, the Tribe, and the coming Folk-Nation of the English – these are our destiny and divine mission. 

Religion is not just about ‘going to church’, it is a Way of Life; our aim is to build within the individual more self-confidence, more self-reliance and more self-sufficiency. The society we live in is based upon the consumer-masses being wholly reliant upon the State, Global Corporations and the Global Bankers. Our aim is to break free of this thraldom and regain as much of our rightful freedom as possible in this era. We work at a physical level in encouraging people to take up pursuits that make them more self-confident, more self-reliant and more self-sufficient. 

Although the ignorant and ill-informed will try to categorise us into their ‘right-left’ framework – usually as ‘far-right’ – we are neither ‘right’ nor are we ‘left’. These are political terms used of political groups and the aim is to divide and conquer – to break people up into two opposing sides, to control both sides, and thus to control the whole. We operate outside these boundaries they try to impose, and we have recruited from both ‘left’ and ‘right’, and thus incorporated ideas from both ‘opposing’ views. Ours is a Spiritual Movement but we believe that spirit and matter are both different forms of energy and that they cannot exist without each other. 

We call ourselves ‘Wodenists’ after the god Woden who is a God of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding. We seek to gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding in order to aid our Folk, to guide them in their struggle for survival, but also to guide them in their upward evolution. This struggle is not just about survival, though this is a major part of it, but is about our ability to raise ourselves above the level of ‘modern man’, to become ‘immortal’ – ‘as gods’. This is our Spiritual Destiny, and this struggle is against the Powers of Darkness and Matter that have shut off the Divine Light from Mankind. Our ancient myths tell us that we were created with the ‘Divine Light of the Gods’, the ‘Divine Spark’ that dwells within us, which can be re-ignited through Spiritual Education and Training. We were once, in a far distant past, a god-like race that has dwindled through time, and today most have lost their contact with the Divine Powers. 

We have a role to play in helping to heal the wounded Earth and to stop the constant destruction of our Mother Earth. This we can do on a physical level, but that is not enough since the Mother Earth is also a spiritual being and the Earth is sacred to us, and must be seen as a sacred, living being by our Folk. There is a mystical link between the Blood of the Folk and the Soil of the Land, a link broken in these dark times but one which can be renewed through creating a harmony between Man and Nature. Folk-Ecology forms part of our work, but ours is based around the Eternal Laws of Nature and not upon some modern ‘whim’ or ‘agenda’. 

The gods and goddesses are mighty numinous beings, but they reside within us too; we have that ‘Divine Spark of the Gods’ that needs to be nurtured and rekindled within us. This material world is not the only world, there are other worlds, other dimensions, other universes out there – and within. The ancients worked on consciousness and the means to alter our state of consciousness in order to reach lower or higher worlds, and thus gain knowledge and wisdom. There are subconscious realms, conscious realms and superconscious realms – and the minds can access these through spiritual exercises. This too is part of the work of the Woden Folk-Religion. We do have ‘priests’ and ‘priestesses’ but these are not there merely to mediate between the gods and men because we believe that everyone should try to access these ‘other-worlds’ and seek the ‘God-Within’.